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Landscape Awards Program

ONLA Awards Excellence in the Green Industry

Purpose & Objective:

The Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association’s Landscape Awards Program aims to:

1. Reward skilled prefessionals who have executed quality workmanship.
2. Encourage landscape contractors, landscape designers and landscape architects to continue their efforts to raise the industry's image through consistent use of quality materials and outstanding workmanship.
3. Make public aware of how quality landscaping can improve our environment and property values.
4. Recognize citizens who have taken action through quality landscaping to attina this end.

Two types of awards may be granted in any category, when warranted. All awards are given based on a 100-point system. Points are given by a panel of judges for each entry in a category. Points are then collected, tallied and averaged to reach the entry’s final score. Awards may not be given in a category if no entry is awarded an appropriate score.

Merit Awards are given to entries scoring a minimum of 70 points. Multiple Merit Awards may be given in any category. One Grand Award will be given in each category to the project that has the highest score above 85 points. A single Judges’ Choice: Project of the Year Award is given to one awardwinning entry at the discretion of the judges.

A jury of distinguished professionals in the fields of landscape architecture, education and horticulture will evaluate entries and recommend recipients to the awards committee. The judges will determine the quality of materials (both plant and construction), design, completeness of installation, workmanship, and horticultural correctness in the landscape installation using only the images and descriptions submitted with each entry.

Judging is always a subjective endeavor. Project images are projected in sequence, as directed by the entrant, for every entry. The judges’ decisions are based on the image presentation and written descriptions of each entry. Read the Judges’ Criteria Forms (available from the ONLA offfice) for details on a specific category. All entrants receive copies of judges’ critiques.